Stampede Slots

The Stampede is on thanks to Betsoft's spectacular Stampede, a prominent five-reel game that takes you into the folds of a big-time African safari. Betsoft knows its gaming limits because it doesn't have any. The result is the spectacular Stampede.

Betsoft Brings The Rush

Stampede slots await you at the gates as a true gaming giant. Betsoft, in the short time it has been online, earns its spot along with other prolific gaming engines. Betsoft relies on interactive slot games that are both visually complex and beautiful to look at. Betsofts also lends its gaming muscle to Stampede's smooth as butter gameplay. We are excited about the details, so let's break down all of the terrific game functions and more.

Practice Running With Mother Nature

Stampede is a majestic five-reel slot game with an impressive 1,024 pay lines that embody the untamed spirit and glory of Mother Africa. However, before we jump into the glorious details, it is worthy to note that Stampede permits players to practice running through the lush savanna en route to glorious wins.

Hear The Call Of The Playing Wild

From start to finish, Stampede Slots honors the call of the untamed and untapped beauty of Africa. Stampede celebrates the diverse natural life with the African elephant leading the way on the reels. Actually, the game's flow occurs in the middle of a glorious savanna with an ambient sunrise to help set the mood and gaming tone of Stampede.

Stampede Blazes A Trail With The Game Functions

Stampede Slots gets down to the serious business of winning as soon as you enter the main game screen. Stampede delivers the crucial autoplay and regular spin functions. Stampede honors those who wish to occupy themselves with the game flow, and that's where the autoplay feature enters the equation. You can play at your pace and spin the reels manually with this marvelous Stampede creation by Betsoft. Stampede provides the pay lines and coin value buttons outside the spin features, which open a brand new world of easy yet compelling gameplay.

Stampede Runs Wild Among The Rest

Stampede runs rough shot through the regular gameplay, but the game ramps up with the double-up feature after regular play. This marvelous gamble feature is something we will discuss further on in this article.

Running Deep Into Eternity

It bears repeating again that Stampede has 1,024 different ways of winning. That's where Betsoft displays its genius once more, and it shows up prominently through the 1,024 individual pay lines. Stampede invites you to run roughshod over the whole 1,024 pay lines, or you can roll things back and place bets on lesser pay lines. That's where Stampede's pay line arrows enter the equation.

Let The Elephant Guide Your Bet

Stampede delivers the gaming follies to the next level by giving the player the supreme choice of placing their bets through the coin value buttons. Stampede honors actual bets starting at two cents and swelling to a dollar. And in case you haven't figured it out, the symmetry between the maximum bet and the pay lines add up in a perfect 1,024 harmony.

These Elephants Are Nothing Short Of Lovable

The wooden wilds help to bring it home for Stampede Slots. Please remember that Stampede's wilds only fall on the second, third, and fourth reels. The glorious elephant yields 30 credits, while the cheetah and the eagle deliver fifteen credits. The cute zebra and the giraffe are adorable to the tune of twelve credits. Stampede's gaming characters conclude between the high-value playing card numbers aces through nines.

Leaping Through The Bonus Round

Stampede runs into overtime with the bonus features, including the double-up feature, where after a triumphant win, you can risk half of your winnings to double up your luck. The caveat is that you must correctly guess the coin flip.

Thank Goodness For Trees

The Acacia Tree is more than your ticket to happiness. The more of the Acacia Tree that lands, the greater the number of free spins when it comes to the free spins. The free spins commence as small as eight free spins, and it increases to 20 free spins. The wilds grow two times to three times during the free spins round.

Dashing Into The Win Column

Stampede Slots continues running for virtual miles with a generous return to player. Betsoft's games continuously rank in the superb column for high return to player games. Stampede Slots is no different.

Stampede Slots Continues The Rave Reviews

If you take your time and read some of the game articles, you encounter that Stampede Slots continues getting proud and rave reviews.

Maybe The Elephant Will Help You Win

Stampede Slots is available at major online casinos that host and support Betsoft. Additionally, these very online casinos have a plethora of promotions that assist you in your winning endeavor.

Stampede Slots Is All About Fun

Enjoying yourself and stepping into the winning grove define the promise and the power of Mother Africa, but there is no rush to get the reels spinning for actual cash. Again, Stampede permits you to play practice rounds first.

There's Real Money On The Table

And when you are ready to run wild with the elephants for real, Stampede Slots has several banking options to get into the flow.

These Elephants Are Mobile

You can opt to play Stampede Slots in the comfort of your home, or you can play this terrific title on your chosen mobile device.