Jungle Stripes Slots

At some point in time, you have to find the courage to make your way into the jungle. Betsoft understands this reality, which is why it has come up with Jungle Stripes, a captivating and animated slot title where your survival skills are put to the test.

Betsoft Dares You To Muster Up The Courage

Betsoft is still a relative newcomer to the captivating and exciting world of slot game developers. Still, it maintains its dominance through its crafty commitment to inspiring five-reel games like Jungle Stripes, which showcase the captivating interactive nature of games associated with Betsoft. Jungle Stripes also epitomizes the rich bonus play, which is something we will flesh out in great detail in this article.

Practice Earning Your Stripes

Like it is no easy feat to earn your Military stripes, playing and succeeding in Jungle Stripes is a feat in itself. Don’t fret. Betsoft crafts Jungle Stripes with the intent of player success. To help you achieve this goal, Jungle Stripes allows demo and practice play.

The Jungle Takes Place Like Never Before

There is no mystery about Jungle Stripes, for it takes place smack in the middle of the jungle in the heart of nature. Betsoft really shows its craftsmanship in Jungle Stripes. There are no humans, but plenty of animals make their presence felt throughout the reels. Jungle Stripes shows off additional details such as animals hanging off vines and the awesome nighttime ambiance.

Getting Familiar With This Jungle’s Function

Jungle Stripes delivers the boom with pertinent game functions. You can chart your personal jungle course and spin the reels manually, or you can kick that function to the autoplay function. Jungle Stripe doesn’t dare leave you hanging, thanks to the pay line arrows that quickly get you up and running. The same is valid with the coin value buttons. We will talk about the tremendous impact that these coin value buttons have deeper into this article.

Jungle Stripes Steps Up In So Many Ways

Jungle Stripes provides a clear path to victory through the stellar regular gameplay mode, but it goes even further with the Jungle King Wilds and the MoonGlow Free Spins. Again, we will talk more about these stellar options further on in this article.

Let Mother Nature Hear You Roar With The Pay Lines

Jungle Stripes roars past the competition with ten pay lines. This jungle’s pay line arrows let you stay in charge of the pay line flow. You can swing through this thick and rewarding jungle in one quick move, or you can dial things back by gambling on lesser pay lines.

Clawing With The Cash Bets

Jungle Stripes assists the pay lines through the coin value buttons. The stratum of Jungle Stripe’s bets is through the roof. Two cents is all it takes to get the vines swinging, and the adjustable bet reaches in nickel increments.

The Paytable Is Fierce

Jungle Stripes has a roaring paytable. We begin with the Jungle King Wilds, which take colossal shape on the second, third, and fourth reels. The Jungle King Wilds expands over the reels, which leads to claw-scratching wins, and this scenario leads to additional re-spins that will keep your coffers filled. The purple lotus ramps up the winning flow with 37.50 credits.

The magical mushroom delivers over 18 credits for five of it on the reels. The claws and the ladybug on the leaf shell out excellent winning amounts. Jungle Stripes opts to keep the paytable simple with the terrific and solid high-value playing cards filling out the rest of the game symbols.

Scratch Your Way Into The Bonus

Jungle Stripes shows its beauty and grace first through the Jungle King Wild, which we already talked about. Jungle Stripes leaps further with the MoonGlow Free Spins bonus.

Winning In This Moon’s Aura

Jungle Stripes takes you to the jungle’s final frontier with the MoonGlow free spins bonus. The magical MoonGlow icon is the scatter symbol, and it takes at least a trio of them to move into this celestial and rewarding realm. Feel the glow when you begin with ten free spins.

Unlock The Return To Player

Jungle Stripes boasts its proud return to player that ranges in the upper ninety-percentile.

Jungle Stripes Continues Earning Its Stripes

Jungle Stripes continues to be the rage and the apple in the eye of many devoted slot game players.

Trot Your Way To Victory

Jungle Stripes is widely available throughout the online casinos that host and support Betsoft games. These same casinos provide a bevy of promotions that work for Jungle Stripes.

Playing Along With The Animals

Jungle Stripes wants to remind you that the game aims to have fun and to enjoy yourself. Remember, you can play the Jungle Stripe’s demo mode.

When You’re Ready To Dive Into The Jungle

Jungle Stripes has a plethora of ways to get you involved and onto the winning track with the numerous banking options.

Taking This Jungle On The Road

Jungle Stripes works like a charm on desktops and mobile devices like Android tablets and Apple phones.