Take Santa's Shop Slots

Betsoft threw its hat into the ring and made a tremendous splash with Take The Bank's pioneering title. Global players cheered as they maneuvered and managed to take the bank, but these players want to take something more ambitious than that. We proudly present Betsoft's Take Santa's Shop.

Betsoft Wants To Take More This Time

From the moment it first came online, Betsoft established that it took what it wanted concerning the slot games, but now it wants to take over the rest of the slot game competition. We can't blame them when it produces masterpieces like Take Santa's Shop. Take Santa's shop serves as the flagship slot game that shines a light on this generation of Betsoft's titles.

Practice Getting Into Santa's Shop

Take Santa's Shop puts a lot on the table. This is why you can play Take Santa's Shop on your terms through the practice mode. Take Santa's Shop has all the bells and whistles of a prolific slot game, but you can't win actual cash for your efforts.

An Ill-Humoured Christmas Game Takes The Cake

Take Santa's Shop makes no apologies. It is about bringing the master bank robber into the North Pole. Betsoft sets the stage and the tone with a picturesque nightfall occurring in the north pole. Yes. You even have the snow falling down in real time. The extreme attention to detail presents itself throughout Take Santa's Shop. Players can expect the reels and the game icons to follow the Christmas theme.

Take Santa's Shop Gives You Supreme Control Of The Reels

Take Santa's Shops is serious about the business of winning, which is why it provides you the option of arranging bets through the manual spin mode, or you can rely on the fantastic autoplay feature. Going one step further, Take Santa's Shop delivers the pay line arrows where you can take charge of the desired pay line choices. Following that up, Take Santa's Shop follows the pay line arrows up with the coin value buttons. Finally, the options button allows you to further customize this Santa's workshop to suit your needs.

Take Santa's Shop Is A Jack Of All Trades

Take Santa's Shop delivers on a myriad of levels. You can take a sleigh ride of a lifetime by spinning the reels during regular game mode, or you can experience the innovative wild bomb sequence and the free spins round that is more than worth your while.

Devour The Pay Lines

Take Santa's Shop put a serious kick into a Christmas classic where you get to command the entire seventy-five pay lines as you see fit. The genius of the pay line arrows gives you supreme command of them. Of course, you can gamble on smaller pay lines.

Take Charge Of The Coin Bets

Take Santa's Shop is not going to be easy, which is why you need to get your house in order through the coin value buttons. Take Santa's Shop delivers an impressive arsenal beginning with one-cent.

Shedding Light On The Paytable Hideout

Take Santa's Shop loads up with the paytable beginning with the ornament bomb and the robber wearing a Santa Hat. The ornament bomb is a carry over from the first game and is something we will dive into more detail, so please hold on. Getting back to the bank robber puts forth an exciting proposition with doubling wins and morphing into a rewarding ornament bomb.

Take Santa's Shop endeavors to keep the spirit bright with a Christmas globe, a gingerbread man, a filled stocking, beautiful Christmas ornaments, and the festively decorated card numbers.

This Is One Lucky Grinch

Instead of taking away Christmas, Take Santa's Shop strives to blow the whole atmosphere up with the ornamental bomb bonus. You already know that a single robber turns into an ornamental bomb. But what happens when the meter reaches ten? The answers are that the reels are locked in place with the bombs, and marvelous winning combinations result.

Come And Take A Free Ride On This Santa's Sleigh

Take Santa's Shop spruces up the gaming fun with sleigh free spins round. This feel-good bonus round commences with 15 free spins with plenty of opportunities to earn more free spins.

Delivering These Presents Are Quite Lucrative

Take Santa's Shop isn't shy about racking up the return to player. Have no fear, for Take Santa's Shop, brings the booming return to player.

Continue Taking The Internet By Storm

Take Santa's Shop is a novelty, and it continues getting dynamite reviews throughout the internet.

Take What You Want And Win

Because there are casino promotions for Take Santa's Shop, you can easily win and get some advice throughout the interview and buzz.

Please Try To Remember To Have Fun

Take Santa's Shop is ready to start off the explosive wins, but if you are still unsure, you can continue to play bonus rounds.

When You Want To Get Even With Santa Claus

You cast an actual wager. Take Santa's Shop has all the capabilities and access to get the reels spinning.

The North Pole Awaits In Your Hand

Take Santa's Shop embodies the best of Betsoft gaming which is why you can play this game on the key smart device tablets and mobile phones.